I seek connection, the relationships, the laughs, the real you & real me.

My focus is on providing a creative imaginery, poetic and professional experience for you on and before your wedding day. Most couples who book me are looking for a documentary style photographer who artfully captures raw moments (with some minor guidance) while simultaneously sharing your laughs and tears throughout the day. As a photographer I believe a huge part of my job is creating a safe environment for you to be yourself and showcase your love language no matter how silly, intimate, or unique.

"...We really couldn't feel more grateful!..."

" Alex is an amazing photographer, passionate about his work and an incredible person... each of the photos he sends us touches us, each of our friends and family are excited with us, so we can not feel happier with the result and the treatment. We do not hesitate to continue hiring him for future projects and weddings of friends."

- Tamy + Angel

Let's create together